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About Brooke


If we haven't met, my name is Brooke; well, at least that is what people call me. My birth certificate and everything up to the 4th grade reads Debbie; that's where the name Debbie Brooke comes from. When I was little, just like a lot of other kids, I wanted a nickname, and, instead of Deb or D, I wanted to be called Brooke. I’m not sure why, but I just loved that name, so when we moved schools half way through the school year, I did it. I told my teacher, my new friends, and my family to call me Brooke. Most likely thinking it was a phase, everyone participated and called me Brooke, even my parents. In college, I made a small attempt to go back to my birth name, but it didn't work; everyone calls me Brooke even though, on paper, it has nothing to do with my name.

Since then, I have always kinda been like that; ya’ see, I’m a doer. If I decide I’m going to do something, I just do it; no looking back. I was that way in high school when I ran for class president out of no where, after college when I moved to Charleston and bought a house before I started my job, when my husband proposed and I planned quickly, when Laura and I had the idea to open a shop we did it in just 4 months, and now starting my own pattern company. I love to sew, and I love to share my love for sewing with anyone who will listen. I’ve made patterns for myself and my kids, but, now, I want to share them with you. All of my patterns are created start to finish by me. I use Adobe Illustrator and InDesign to create them, and, currently, they are all being printed by a local print shop, and the pictures are taken by a local photographer. Please use my patterns to create for yourself, others, or even for sale. Just please to not copy the pattern in any way. If you would like to produce the garments commercially, please contact me directly. 
Although I am originally from Ohio, I have lived in Charleston, SC for 10 years now, and my inspiration comes from Charleston Fashion: cotton everything, seersucker, twill, baby corduroy, modest necklines, and chic cocktail hours. Everything looks polished but is very comfortable. 

 I also have 3 children; Braelyn, Mackenzie and Grady.


Debbie Brooke patterns are for private use only.
The purchaser may create sewn items for personal use or sale. All aspects of this pattern are copyright © Debbie Brooke Designs, LLC 2015. For commercial use, please contact us directly at Any reproduction of this pattern in part or whole is strictly prohibited.